Thomas Doherty highlighted in National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability

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Thomas Doherty was highlighted in recent National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability produced by The Center for Green Schools

Thomas Doherty was named as an “industry leader” in the Research section of the report (p.26) and quoted:

“As Dr. Thomas Doherty, President of the American Psychological Association’s Division 34 (Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology) observes: ‘The idea of Education for Sustainability [EfS] holds within it the opportunity to link the personal—in terms of identity, values, and empowerment—with the planetary in order to establish a more ecologically sound and just world. A comprehensive EfS research and assessment program would link theory, data, and application to help us understand these complex and interacting processes while translating our findings into research models and assessment methods that are accessible to all education stakeholders, both locally and globally.”


Download the National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability pdf


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  1. Hi Thomas,
    I didn’t know you were president of Div 34. I don’t even know if I’m a member. If not, I certainly should be since the environment is the issue about which I’m most concerned. I like this organization mentioned above and will post the information on Facebook. I hope you’re doing well.

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